Boxer House training advice needed?


We have an 8 week old boxer puppy. We’ve had her for about two weeks, and have tried the usual "take her out every two hours or so" "praise her when she does go outside" the whole deal. To be honest, it’s getting really frustrating because we’re making NO progress at all. For example: we left the house for an hour today, and left her in her crate with our two year old beagle. When we came back, the entire kennel was covered in poo!

Any advice out there would be great. And please, be nice.

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4 Responses to “Boxer House training advice needed?”

  1. Michelle says:

    I breed boxers, and boxers i would have to say are the smartest dogs there are. I have all of my puppies potty trained before they even leave ( 8 – 10 weeks old). Think of potty training 10 puppies at a time. You take them out when the start sniffing the ground, and pacing. Take them out ever 45 minutes. Also helps if you wake up at around 4ish to let her out then stick he back in her kennel. Do NOT get a dog if you cannot even handle the potty training part

  2. ladystang says:

    same as any other dog
    talk to a trainer to help you train.

  3. Nicky says:

    She’s a baby. Give her some time. She won’t be reliably housetrained for about 6 months. Just stay calm and keep working at it.

  4. Sheri says:

    1) Take her outside as soon as she wakes in the morning

    2) Take her out every 60 minutes

    3) Take her out when you she signs of her needing to go out…Learn her signs

    4) Take her out 10-15 minutes after each of her 3 meals

    5) Take her out after play time

    6) Take her out after naps

    7) Take her out before crating her for the night

    When taking her out do so while on a leash and stay outside 10-15 minutes to where you want her to eliminate

    Take a tasty treat, such as, string cheese or dried liver, that she will only get when she goes where you want her to and give tons of praise! You will find that she will be going where you want because she wants that special treat.

    If and when she has an accident in the house, simply clean it up, forget about it and continue with the training. Do NOT raise your voice to her, accidents will and do happen. Pups can only hold their bladder for so long before nature has to take it’s course.

    The one to blame for accidents is the owner, not the pup. As if you have the pup on a schedule and knowing the pup’s signs for needing to be taken out there would be no accidents.

    Well trained pups are only as well trained as their owner has been taught to teach.

    Stick to the above schedule and learn her signs for needing to be taken out and you should have no problems. Some pups take a few weeks to house train while others can take months, but in time they all do learn.