Bluey the dog pees in the wee pad + litterbox

Bluey the dog pees in the wee pad + litterbox


Bluey my chihuahua would not use a wee pad for anything when I tried getting her to use them in 2008 when it was just super cold in Minnesota (not to mention I lived on the 3rd floor!). Since her heart problems started in January and she kept peeing in her crate and laying in it, I decided to try again because those dog diapers were too expensive at .00 each! I picked up a small cat litter box for a few bucks at Petco and then cut one of the wee pads in half. Sure enough, Bluey started using it! She will even do it on command like you see here in the video. It’s a huge relief now because I know she can go during the night when she needs to but not end up laying in it (blech). Bluey’s vet fund is still open for donations at

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    4 Responses to “Bluey the dog pees in the wee pad + litterbox”

    1. Ravenex2 says:

      Wow, dogs are a lot smarter than I imagined. First time seeing a dog pee pad.

    2. theinnercreative says:

      Maybe bluey now sees the need. Bluey is smart! The diuretics do make you go a lot.

    3. hfndndhdjhsdgrtjdbg1 says:


    4. xXxDarkJuggalo666xXx says:

      @hfndndhdjhsdgrtjdbg1 no one care about being the first comment and view