Blowhard – My Truck Won’t Start (1975 Ford F600 Perkins)


Save the old Big Blue Perkins, today is very tired but he hard worked during these past years, he was our livelihood! Needed a tribute. That Ford F600 is with nose exchanged because his former front did haven’t four headlights, but two headlights as the older models. He managed to load 12 tons because him engine is very strong. I remember that sometimes to do it start it in the winter, we had to put a stick on fire in the place where it will air filter, because only the kerosene heater was not enough. This bucket Ford worked in a quarry, carrying rock, sand, stone dust, gravel to block factory, construction in general. He was the love of my father and it was here that I learned to drive. About Blowhard: Brisbane ska-punk institution. Have played everywhere and with everyone, in Oz and OS, from pubs to the world’s biggest festivals. In it for the music (hence no website etc – technology? who cares) and have paved the way for many younger bands. Features the legendary Rollo on vox – good times. Music from Plastic Bomb CD Magazine #28 Tribute to all old trucks and truck drivers around the world. Thanx Blowhard for reminding us and our old warriors! Hope you enjoy that lame clip! Arghhhh…

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    5 Responses to “Blowhard – My Truck Won’t Start (1975 Ford F600 Perkins)”

    1. scobiedog1 says:

      don’t seem to hear rollo on tripleZ any more!? shame, great anarchic style.

    2. uptheduff6969 says:

      Rollo,through all the haze that was 15 years ago,I remember seeing you in toowoomba at the Annand st bowls hall….musta been 14,sneaking in with the bands,and seeing you play….was fucking blown away.Just loved you guys….think you may have played with the Dreamkillers that night….hmmmm…i think……. 🙂

    3. IsaiasWimara says:

      @alex80234 cooolllllllll. a big hug from other side of the globe! =D

    4. Thripd says:

      HeHe nice1!

    5. alex80234 says:

      hey its rollo from blowhard thanks for showing us that film clip been blown away that wasnt lame tell us your adress and we will send u some blowhard things