Blind dachshund Nono’s “Go to the place”


We can teach “Go to the place” to blind dogs,too (though it is not same completely as healty dogs). I use four kind of cues, Go forward “MAE”, Keep Going Signal “SO-SO-SO …”, the target is nearby you “YUKKURI”, and lie down on the mat “Mat”, for helping her behavior. Maybe you can find what Nono will decide to move by Keep Going Signal if you’ll watch her move closely.

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    2 Responses to “Blind dachshund Nono’s “Go to the place””

    1. tdfn says:

      @JuliaandGypsie Thank you Julian for lovely comment 🙂

    2. JuliaandGypsie says:

      Wonderful Nono, you’re just an amazing dachshund ;-))