Best way to keep water for dogs?


What is the best way to put/place water for dogs. My dog is a Golden Retriever (11 months). Whenever I put water on a plastic bowl, he starts biting and cutting it. Im using a big metal dog food bowl for his water… I don’t think it’s aproppriate because it’s kind of small.. What should I do? If you have an example of something metal and big and made for water can you please tell me about it or give me a link?

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    1. dobiegang says:

      I use the big self dispenser that has the big jug like a water cooler in an office. They can be purchased at most pet stores. I’ve had mine for years and use it for Doberman Pinschers from pups to adult size.

    2. Hemz says:

      My lab used to carry the bowl or topple it. I had a stainless steel one. So I got him a water dispenser which fills the bowl up as he drinks water. And bescause of the water tank’s weight, the non slip pads and the design of the bowl he cant pick it up or do any harm to it. If you want i can send you a picture of it.

    3. piggylover_850 says:

      Your puppy is probably teething get him a bone.. I would recommend a nyla bone, my dog loves it it takes him a while to chew it up

    4. davanna m says:

      if she still a pup i wouldnt worry about it but hes a idea for the summer go down andget a baby pool you know a tiny littel plastic one and leave it outside for her to play with

    5. ron c says:

      I have two dogs who do the same thig ..well most pet store sell this dog bowl made of stainless steel that you can screw two bottles upside down on the back side of them and as the water goes down the water keeps filling up the bow with fresh water..what i usually do is fill them the bowl andt then the two bottles i put on are usually full of frozen water so as the water melts the dogs get some nice cold water and they don’t ever touch or break this took me atleast six or seven chewed containers before i got this one that they love so much they don’t ever touch shop around they do make a few plastic versions of it for alot cheaper so try one firt to see if they like vet told me that dog will usually any food dish they don’t care for so try a few of thes self feeders out so far i have no compaint adn i managed to put a bell on mine so when it’s empty my kids let me know..

    6. tigerseye402 says:

      Most pet stores carry big metal bowls. You could also try ceramic bowls – they are heavy enough that most dogs won’t pick them up and chew on them.

    7. chetco says:

      A Corning ware casserole dish works well. easy to clean and large enough. It is heavy enough that it doesn’t spill easily. Thrift shops always have them. Unbreakable, too. (except when my horse stepped in one)
      Like this>
      the ones in thrift shops are usually minus the lid, so that is just fine.
      The best part is, they are always under $5.00..!

      Note: pertaining to the answer below. Corning ware does not chip, and can’t be chewed..any more than stainless steel.

    8. Shivi says:

      I have found you a website that sells stainless steel bowls which come in a variety of sizes plus they are indistructable and do not rust.
      You could get a casserole dish but the pup could still chew on that and if there’s an accident there is going to be glass everywhere. If you are gettingt things for your dog get things that are meant esspecially for them because they have been safety tested. Hope this helps!

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