Best In Show


New York is in a canine frenzy, as 133rd Westminster Kennel Dog Show will soon arrive at Manhattan’s Madison Square Garden. Licensed Westminster judge David Frei offers a preview of the festivities.

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5 Responses to “Best In Show”

  1. havaneezer says:

    2 things i’d like to see before i die: 1. The Phoenix Suns win the Championship. 2. A tibetan spaniel win best in show at the Garden. (or at least the group.) I know don’t hold my breath. lol.

  2. jackie870 says:

    no Boxers r the Best

  3. RailbirdPictures says:

    And the Samoyed was snubbed yet again – sigh …


  4. zoe1974 says:

    I love Norwich Terriers…. friggin cute. But my vote is always on the chows.

  5. 68NYC says:

    ???No Siberian Huskies???