Bed Bug Dog: Cheaper Alternative: Use Powder dream sleep easy tonight rest in peace in dark room


Forget the dog. Bedbugs stink but they sniff YOU out. They sense your carbon dioxide and heat. The dog is not the only one with the keen senses. The bedbugs are also giving each other high fives and doing victory dances of delight because the know very few of you people can afford to do the dog thing. Don’t spend so much time or money when you know full well that they WILL find YOU and stealthily suck your blood like a vampire. Who the heck can afford to pay for the dog service. You are not going to kill the bedbugs in their hiding places anyway. Even Fido can’t get into every nook and cranny in your whole house or building. Besides the only people who use dog services are people with wallets the size of Hummers and burn money in their fireplace because they can’t spend it fast enough to deplete it before they croak. If you compare prices when shopping then you can’t afford dog services.) They hide EVERYWHERE. You could not treat EACH AND EVERY one of their hiding spots let alone find the hiding spots. Just assume the darn things are anywhere and everywhere (and they are, trust me.) It makes sense to treat the one place they must head for every few nights. Bedbugs suck your blood and then hide for a couple of days to digest your lifeblood. Then they return for more. Don’t bother trying to find them. Only fools and idiots hunt THEM down. Give yourself a break and let the darned intruding bedbugs do the work. You can live without them but they can’t survive without finding

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    15 Responses to “Bed Bug Dog: Cheaper Alternative: Use Powder dream sleep easy tonight rest in peace in dark room”

    1. precise26 says:

      Try Heatsolete.
      Fluid is super heated and run through heater units. In a few short minutes your place will be hot enough to kill any bug there. It works so fast that bugs do not have a chance to flee as they did with older technology. It is also much safer then the other heat treatment tech that uses propane to super heat air and force it in your home. You must have your windows open for this technology, which totally defeats the purpose.

    2. jackcarpentersax says:

      iT HAS TO BE SILICA GEL CAT LITTER . Other types will not work. And YOU have to grind it to a fine fine powder ( Portland cement will already be finely ground.)

    3. woggypaula says:

      so u buy cat litter and it works and YEAH DESPERATION!! They only bite me!! help help me… DOES de work too and where do u get this? Where do u get cement? help please please email me at thanks again jack..

    4. thlman says:

      you have a very strange accent…canadian?

    5. jackcarpentersax says:

      Did you grind the silica gel cat litter to a very fine powder? If it is not a fine fine powder it will not work well. You have to put the powder all over the top floor. Just on the bed may not be enough.

    6. california2787 says:

      how long does it take to kill them? it just started one month ago put the cat liter silicon there then i added it on my bed but my bed room just got infested.

    7. jackcarpentersax says:

      silica GEL is harmless, even on the bed
      They use it for cats and it is also a food ingredient.
      If it is safe for kitties then it is safe for kiddies.

    8. YOUNGBAY30 says:

      is it safe to spread the silica powder to bed then sleep on it? and is it safe with kids?

    9. jackcarpentersax says:

      I am not sure but hopefully not. If they do then we are in really big trouble.

    10. AdomStar1 says:

      Can they spread AIDS?

    11. jackcarpentersax says:

      Wait and see what happens. They have to feed only once in a while and not every night. It was not necessary to throw out your bed. Obviously you got rid of the majority of them.

    12. arnulforompido says:

      the crystal in the glass in i put the bed bugs inside after 8 hour continue living inside the glass i told you i want to buy the crystal same you used this crystal that i used is no good dont kill bed bugs after 12 hour continue living the bed bugs i put a lot of crystal inside the glass and nothing continue living the bed bugs what happen

    13. jackcarpentersax says:

      Just be sure to crush the silica gel cat litter to a very fine powder the finer the better. Test it in a container with a few bedbugs to see how fine it needs to be. A fine powder will definitely work.

    14. jackcarpentersax says:

      Don’t tear apart your room. Just put the powders all around, it may not look pretty but it will work. Better to have the powder around the room for a few weeks than the continuing nightmare of an ever increasing population of those little blood sucking vampires crawling on your bed every night. Anyone who has had or has bedbugs are willing to do almost anything to get rid of them.

    15. graveplott47 says:

      so any of those i cleaned my room and took off the trimmings on the floor just pour some of the powders u showed me along the cracks