Baby deer crunching some dog food.


He has a thing for chewing with his mouth open.

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    6 Responses to “Baby deer crunching some dog food.”

    1. sparkplug1100 says:

      get him some c’mere deer!

    2. highwayknite says:


    3. Elenaproductions says:

      Noo its a Dear-Dog now!
      im sure a bit of that wont do much harm be careful though.

    4. auggiedoggy says:

      You shouldn’t feed a herbivore that kind of food. It may seem cute to watch this but its digestive system isn’t equiped to handle that.

    5. wasentme222 says:

      …there’s meat in dog food… fkd up lol..

    6. Wonderlandfreak101 says:

      first comment + i luv the crunching noises! so cute!

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