are bleeding hearts regarding puppies and dogs humorous?


Some common misconceptions.
1) Puppies should not be brought home until 8 weeks of age.
FALSE. providing that they have been properly weaned, pups will do fine at 6 weeks of age. research shows that these pups may form an even stronger bond with their new family
2) You should not smack a dog
FALSE. when a puppy bites, it is a good idea to bite them back. This shows that you are the leader of the pack. Smacking a puppy is similar to a punishment that the mother would do.
3) Dogs like coming inside
FALSE. dogs prefer outside, this is there natural environment. you will find that in summer, a pup will prefer to sleep on the cool grass rather than the pretty bed that you pad 0 for .
4) It s better to buy a pup from a registered breeder who will ensure healthy pups with good temperment
FALSE. temperment is a learned ability. Research shows that the vast majority (were talking 99.8%) of pups from non registered breeders turn out just fine and mostly outlive pups from "professional breeders" who are usually there to make a lot of money, despite what they claim.Dont lie to me if you are getting 00 a pup and tell me you dont make money.
4) Dogs are like children
FALSE. dogs are dogs.

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6 Responses to “are bleeding hearts regarding puppies and dogs humorous?”

  1. G'hound says:

    Bleeding Hearts are better than Misinformed Hearts any day.
    1) Puppies do better if homed at 8 weeks on. 2) Just maybe saying ‘Ouch! – No Bite’ is sufficient.
    3) Mine refuses to go out in inclement weather be it hot, cold or wet.
    4) Now… give us a link for the source of that research please.
    4)4) Dogs are like children in many ways.

  2. jkc92618 says:


    Your comments are like me saying that just because some folks are human beings that makes them smarter than a dog. Many people I meet are so stupid it should be illegal for them to reproduce.

  3. DaBasset - just go to the vet! says:

    Are trolls humorous?

    FALSE. Trolls are stupid.


  4. caninekiss says:

    i agree with everything u said even if its currently unpopular

  5. Arianna Is my name says:

    Most of what you said is wrong. I dont get what your asking.
    Its illegal to sell a puppy before 8 weeks old its also illegal to sell a puppy without its first set of shots but people do it.

  6. Sheri says:

    Feel better know that you posted your opinionated rant ?

    Looks like someone is in great need of a canine education

    Your opinions are just that opinions .. absolutely no factual data to back yourself up as there isn’t any proof due to the fact that your opinions are incorrect.

    Hope you feel better though letting us know how much ignorance there still is out there and how much work still needs be done with informative information so people can pull their heads of their a$$es