any suggestions on crate/kennel training a 5 yr old dog?

any suggestions on crate/kennel training a 5 yr old dog?


I have a 5 yr old dog whom I would like to crate while I am away from the house. He has issues with peeing and pooping on the floor while we are gone. Even if we take him out just before we leave. Also we would like him to be in there at night while we sleep for the same reasons.

I have never crate trained a dog before. All I can find is stuff on puppies and I was wondering if anyone had tips for training older dogs, or if it was basically the same.

Oh he is half wiener dog half pitt bull. He is fixed. If any of that matters.

Thanks for the help.

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6 Responses to “any suggestions on crate/kennel training a 5 yr old dog?”

  1. Akira Thomson says:

    Hi there..I noticed you require some tips and tricks to help train your dog. A colleague of mine was in the same shoes a few weeks back before she tried the dog training home study course. The result turned out splendidly as her dog showed remarkable progress just within some weeks.

  2. lilypool says:

    It is essential to train dogs to use lots of encouragement, praise and rewards (positive reinforcement) in your training.

  3. Cookie,#1 says:

    Livy has some excellent ideas, I’d add only that you feed your dog in his crate when you first start training him to use it. Do not shut the door on him while he is in there eating. You don’t want him to feel he is being confined at the beginning.
    Make sure the crate is a good fit for him. It should only be large enough for him to stand up and turn around so measure him at the withers (shoulders) so you know his height, and measure his length from his chest to his butt.
    If you are consistent, you can train him. I suggest a wire crate due to his age, rather than a cloth one that he could probably tear apart. If you want more info, here is a good web article; You train for an adult exactly as you would for a puppy.

  4. Caleb Davidson says:

    Actually it will solve your problems. Ok. To start with, when you buy the crate buy it so he fits in it and has room to sleep and move, but DO NOT buy it way to big. If you do then he/she will poop/pee in one side and sleep in the other.. The reason why you have to buy it that size is because he/she will not poop/pee where he/she sleeps, therefore he/she will hold it as long as possible so when the time comes when you let them out, they will use the restroom. Also eventually the crate will become your dogs safe spot, and how you develope that in your dog is, when you see him/her go to the restroom outside, you let your dog back in but leave the crates door open so your dog notices that "hey if i use the restroom i get to run around in the house". I hope i helped and Good luck (:

  5. Dog Section Regular says:

    Crate training won’t solve your problems. Don’t count on him NOT going to the bathroom IN the crate.

    Let the dog out a couple of times during the night. Take him out every hour or two during the day. The issue is with house training, you need to train him.

  6. Livy says:

    Dogs can be very stubborn when crate training. But you cant let that defeat you. An older dog especially can be hard to crate train but here are some tips;

    1) The best way to make sure your dog doesnt go in his crate is to take him out. If you are going to put him in his crate when you leave you need to be sure your not gone for more then three hours and you need to make sure he only had a little water no food if your leaving him in there when your out. And let him out as soon as you get home. Also dont only keep him in there when your out. If you put him in there every time you leave he is going to know your leaving. I recommend alternating between in the crate and out even if your home.

    2) How I trained my dogs is I put the crate inside my bedroom at night so they could get used to being in it. A good way to get your dog used to, and even like his crate, is to associate it with treats. If he gets in the crate he gets a treat. This reinforces his desire to be in the crate and makes it more enjoyable for everyone. But dont have him in your room for more then three nights. He cant get used to sleeping with you unless you plan on having him sleep in your room.

    3) At night its best to leave him in the crate and no matter how he whines or barks or scratches you do NOT pay attention to him. Dont yell at him to shut up and dont go to comfort him. He will be happy if you do that and will associate barking with affection. Not something you want him to do.

    Hope this helped!!!