Am I really killing my dog?

Am I really killing my dog?


I remember when I saved my puppy when he was only 2 months I took him home and read the instructions on feeding and what to buy but this puppy never ate real dog food so we took him to the vet and nothing was wrong and on that same day I gave him a slice(restaurant owner) after tht he’s hooked now my dog is 6 years old! And I feed him 4-8 slices a day some time chicken rolls and paninis even calazones! This dog has a huge yard to run around I built him his own 5 foot incline ramp which he uses every hour of the day and night and we run togeter so excersises alot and drinks alot of water, but when I told a customer of mine about my dog he flipped and says "he’s going to die and I’m going to call the cops when he does!" and stormed off
Is this true?

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11 Responses to “Am I really killing my dog?”

  1. witcraft brus says:

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  2. chris says:

    Would eating nothing but McDonalds kill you? This is debatable, but undeniably not the best diet one could have. The food your dog is eating is probably not killing him, but it also may not be the most healthy. A good quality dog food has every thing a dog needs in their diet. If you would like to give them "human" food, do so more as a treat, but please be sure to research what types of "human" foods are poisonous to dogs, like chocolate, grapes, raisins, onion, etc…

  3. ɱẫɳ ợƒ ɱ¥şŧƹ╓ƴ says:

    Best thing to do at this point is set out a proper dog food and cut the dog off the meat scraps cold turkey. Prepared meats are of no benefit to a dog.

    I will guarantee you that the dog may lose a few pounds but it will not allow itself to starve to death next to a bowl of dog food. No dog in recorded history has ever done that.

  4. Learning Daily says:

    I’ve seen dogs live long healthy lives on back door scraps and take home from restaurants. And truth be told the stuff we feed our dogs didnt exist some 40 – 50 years ago.

    As a child growing up with a pack of fox hounds we Never fed dry kibble.. That was in the 70’s. The hounds ate a diet of table scraps from our house, and the neighbors. Bones and * waste* meat from the local butcher – by waste I mean the meat bits too small for him to sell, or anything he considered too old to sell his clients, some fruit bits like apples, berries or what we had left over, and veggie scraps mostly carrots, beans, greens. It all went into a huge pot on the stove and was slow boiled all day. Sometimes they got day old bread soaked in the mess, sometimes pasta, sometimes oatmeal. It was standard fare for hounds at that time. The highest compliment that could be paid to a horse that fox hunted at that time was, when he died for his body to be fed to the hounds, cut up and added to the stew.

    They did well, worked hard and lived long lives. We didnt have cancer, diabetes, or other common problems like we see in dogs now.

    Today people have been brain washed into thinking they must feed Dog Food. Or cat food for that matter ( the barn cats and house cats all ate what the hounds got) Someone got the idea they could make pet food out of the waste meat and added grains/ fillers to make a bigger profit. Next thing you know people dont remember How to feed their pets anything but the dry chunks that come in a bag. And we have the admonishment that you shouldnt vary or change your pets diet or risk dire consequences.

    Are you killing your dog? likely not. If he gets enough exercise, enough water and isnt being fed exclusively on the fat drippings from meat or bacon.. he should be fine. The one to judge his health is you and your vet.

  5. james says:

    Well that food isn’t good for him and will shorten his life but won’t out right kill him. If you want to stop feeding him that stuff try mixing dog food with gravy so the favor is on all the food. Then start using less gravy over time. When your dog is hungry enough (might take a day) he will eat just don’t feed him any people food when your trying to do this or he will think if he just waits long enough you will give him want he wants

  6. sisu says:

    What you feed your dog is your business. The customer can call but they will not do anything. The dog is not receiving a balanced diet but is not being starved.
    Google home made dog food, and home made dog food recipes to see if you can work what you are feeding into a more balanced diet.
    Give a quality vitamin mineral supplement.

  7. ♥Pawz 4 Thought And Wag That Tail!♥ says:

    yes. Your dog won’t starve itself. If it has food down and is hungry, it will eat the food. Quit giving your dog crap before it really DOES die.

  8. Theresa R says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as say killing but you are deffinately shortening his life.

  9. sue h says:

    It’s not good for him but it won’t kill him..
    It may however take a few years off of his life

  10. Emma Louu says:

    Yes. Bad man

  11. ღWolf At Heartღ says:

    It probably will not kill him, but he really should not be eating this type of food.
    Just choose a good dog food, put it down in a bowl and he will eat when he is hungry. It is not healthy for him to eat this type of food.