Am I accidentally hurting my dog?


Everyetime I go to pet my doggy a bit of static electricity comes up because of Him rolling around on my rug lol. I feel a very mild shock when I touch him so I hope he doesn’t think I’m punishing him or something. I think his thick fur protects him from it..

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9 Responses to “Am I accidentally hurting my dog?”

  1. Kit Kat says:

    LOL…I have this happen with my Aussie/Border mix alot. I will be laying on the couch and he comes up and sticks his nose under my hand and gets zapped. He sits there and looks at me like what the h*ll! But it doesnt phase him any so I’d say no it doesnt hurt em.

  2. PitGirl says:

    LOL. Things are fine. The material my dogs beds are made out of cause them to have static. When the lights are out and I watch them moving around to get in a more comfortable position in their beds… it looks like a mini firework show cause you can actually see the sparks.Its pretty cool, and the dogs don’t even notice it.

  3. bigbob says:

    Although it is unlikely that you are causing your companion any discomfort you can gauge his discomfort if any by his reaction to your touch. If you have any concern simply discharge any static before you touch him.

  4. JimBrown257 says:

    If it is enough to upset him, he will show it by being visably agitated or he will become scared of being petted. If it doesn’t bother you too much it shouldn’t bother him, although some dogs are more sensative than others.

    If it is a problem, the best thing to do is run a humidifier during the dry winter months. You might also want to touch something else before petting your dog to release the static build up.

  5. Lizzie says:

    My dogs always reacted to the shock of the static electricity, OUCH! My thickly coated Pomeranian felt it the most, or seemed to. Can you wear some disposable or re-wearable gloves?

  6. YesNoMaybe says:

    It doesn’t hurt him any more than you. That’s one of the reasons cats lick themselves so much, it cuts down on the static. You can do the same with your puppy by using s misting bottle to keep your hands and his fur slightly moist when you play with him or pet and brush.

  7. ZeldaForever says:

    NAAH a little static isn’t going to hurt your puppy.
    Don’t worry about it!!

  8. I am me And no one else says:

    Consider it shock therapy for him. No, seriously tho, he probably doesnt’ even notice!

  9. Choco-Girl says:

    Well i think you aren’t hurting him. But if he notices it like when you touch him and he flinches and looks at you, then i think you should move him somwhere else or not on the rug. But no your not hurting or abusing your dog.