Adult dog pees on carpet AND on potty pad?


My dog is a little 4 year old, 5 pound maltese, and she is generally really smart. She has learned that she has to go potty on her pad before she can be let out of her room (the laundry room), in the morning and whenever we come home from school or work or wherever. We take her out for a walk (or more) every day, and she poops and sometimes pees outside. But even when she has great access to her pad and a "poop" walk , she STILL finds SOMETHING to leave on the carpet! It has been happening every day. Sometimes twice a day! We’ve even discussed giving her up because its that bad. Our house is mostly carpet. We dont know what to do anymore! She knows its wrong because she gets that guilty look, during and after she does it, including when we catch her.

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    5 Responses to “Adult dog pees on carpet AND on potty pad?”

    1. Epicure says:

      Start a new routine in a different place. Since your dog has been doing this, she believes this is now the routine.

      Try crating your dog. And going through puppy training again. This can really help. Carry her to the door instead of letting her walk. Keep her supervised during play, until she can be trusted. If she falls asleep carry her to the crate. Take her out every time you take her out of the crate.

      Or, start taking her out every half hour. It’s a pain, but if you couple that with treating for piddles and poos, it eventually works. Take her to a particular area for this–don’t walk her. Just stay still and wait for the potty.

      Even though she is older, dogs can revert to old behavior if they no longer receive positive reinforcement.

      Give your carpets a shampoo to remove the scent.

      Don’t bother yelling at her if you catch it after. It doesn’t do any good. The best you can hope for is interrupting her in the act. But don’t just scream at her. That will scare her and cause her to try to find places out of the way where you don’t see her.

    2. Jen says:

      She should always be going outside!! She doesnt know that she is only suppose to go on the pad! She probably just generally has a guilty look because you are making her feel bad about going potty. Poor dog.

    3. Hikikomori in Australia says:

      You must choose between outside and the pad, this is confusing your dog. When you catch them your must enforce discipline and praise them when they go in the correct area.

    4. Tam says:

      Take away the pee pad and completely housebreak her. She is confused you make her pee in the house then you take her outside to pee as well.

    5. hilblr says:

      Dogs should ALWAYS be truly housebroken. I hate the invention of pee pads it just confuses dogs. Use a crate and go back to puppy basics. Keep her in the crate when you are not home. Immediately upon coming home take her outside and wait until she goes to the bathroom when she does, lots of praise and a special treat. The bring her in play with her for a while then back in the crate. Slowly increase the time out of the crate until she is able to be trusted. Another method is called the tethering method where you keep her on a leash tied to your waist so that you are able to see when she is about to have an accident and stop her and immediately take her outside.