Ada, home of 45 years of Super Bowl


With Super Bowl XLV nine days away to kickoff, shown exclusively on FOX Toledo, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers are getting ready to travel to north Texas for the game. Although the Super Bowl is held in a different city each year, the Super Bowl remains locked in the Northwest Ohio town of Ada, home of the Super Bowl football. The exclusive footballs are made at the Wilson football factory in Ada, about 70 mles south of Toledo, at the only such plant still open in the United States. Even though it’s called a pigskin, these balls are actually made of cowhide. There are around 25 steps from start to finish in order to make a football. Wilson will ship 250 game balls down to Texas for this year’s Super Bowl at Cowboy Stadium, and then several hundred more to sell as demand warrants. The plant will have employees at the Super Bowl giving demonstrations and showing exactly how they make the Super Bowl footballs.

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