About Veggies for dog treats?


So I asked a question to Raw diet feeders about which diet they preferred and the only responses I got was the prey model over the BARF. I was told dogs do not need veggies but my dogs absolutely love them and honestly will not eat there food until I put raw broccoli with there food. Now is it ok that my dogs eat raw veggies. I like to give the raw carrot sticks because it keeps the busy and happy. The also love dehydrated sweet potato. I know they do not need fruits and veggies, but it is ok? I have done a lot of book and web research but am still unclear because the world is 50/50 of the subject of dogs diets. Although I believe that grain free and raw diet feed are the best to give my dogs. Hence my recent slew of Raw Diet questions.

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17 Responses to “About Veggies for dog treats?”

  1. ஐwmjஐ says:

    I agree with you. My dog loves big broccoli stems (eww) which i can’t stand.

    Below is an excellent website by a professional who knows a lot about dog nutrition. He has some books out there too.


    Click on "raw meat diets for cats and dogs" and it will show you the books he has written. he explores and explains raw diets, vegetarian diets, kibbles, everything!

  2. Jojo says:

    I give my Golden Retriever pup carrots and she’s never had healthier-looking teeth and I swear her eyesight is getting better.

  3. Jennifer M says:

    There are so many varying opinions amongst dog owners and veterinarians alike. My personal opinion is that even if they don’t NEED them, if they like them, then go for it.

    My dog loves broccoli, zucchini, carrots, and potato (sweet and regular). He also loves apples and bananas. The dog will do ANYTHING for a banana. The way I look at it, a piece of fruit or veggie is a much better, healthier treat than most packaged treats.

    I feed grain free and a mix of raw with kibble for my dogs. I will be honest, I love the idea of a raw diet, I just can’t commit to it. So I try the next nest thing. I feed Orijen dry dog food, raw meaty bones, and pre-packaged raw foods. The dry food is my base and we supplement with the other two. Treats are either all meat jerky or fruits and veggies.

    I think it is up to you and your dogs tastes what you should feed. They like veggies, I say feed it to them! You are doing your research and I commend you for that. I feel that anyone who is willing to sit and take the time to figure out what they think is best for their dogs is a truly good dog owner. Just say, "NO" to grocery store kibble!! 🙂

    p.s. I know you have done your research, so I’m pretty sure you know that you shouldn’t feed onions, grapes, and several other fruit and veggies. I just had to throw it in just in case someone reading my answer didn’t!

  4. marci knows best says:

    Of course it is OK. It may not be absolutely necessary, but it sure can’t hurt. I thing sometimes people tend to get too fanatical about their chosen doggy diet. Plus the sweet potato treats are so much healthier and safer than rawhides and my dogs love them too.

  5. Tarchev says:

    Keep in mind dogs digestive systems work differently. With that said – just research each type of veggie. For instance dogs do not digest corn. A lot of people feel that soy and what is not good for dogs.

    Many of the better dog foods (Wellness as an example), use Sweet potato for the dogs daily carbohydrate.

    Whatever type of veggies you want to give them, just research that specific veggies to find out how it effects dogs. You will also find difference for different breeds somewhat.

    Finally though, be sure to compare it against your standard dog foods. If for instance your using a dog food which uses Sweet potato as a carbohydrate, you may not want to give them that veggie as it may give them to much carbohydrates.

    Something that is good for you in moderation can become bad for you in excess. So id just be careful not to exceed a good daily value in any certain area (B vitamins as an example).

    Just like with people though, no one is going to agree on what is good or what is bad. Also just like people, the same breed and same age dog will have different allergies and metabolisms and you have to adjust accordingly for each individual animal, just like people.

  6. Tasha says:

    if your dog is on a good-quality dog food, you should be careful about supplementing it in any way. I personally give my dog half a carrot every night as a treat, because it is good for his teeth and keeps them clean.

    But if you are considering an all raw-food diet, talk to your vet first. Most dog foods are very carefully balanced for a dogs dietary needs, so I don’t personally believe in the BARF diet or anything of the sort, as it is very easy to give too much or too little of a particular vitamin or mineral, which can lead to serious gastrointestinal problems.

    As well, be careful of what fruits and veggies you are giving your dog, because some, like grapes and onions, are toxic to dogs.

  7. Poor_Man says:

    veggies are a great treat for your dogs …. its great that they like them.. it is better for them than regular dog treats and has some nutrients and probiotics to help them out.

    Just keep in mind there are some fruits and veggies that are toxic to dogs… so be sure to find out what dogs cant have

    BAD FOR DOGS: http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=2+1659&aid=1030

  8. YODEL says:

    Yes, it’s fine. I know plenty of prey-model raw feeders whose dogs enjoy veggies and fruits as treats. And tons of kibble feeders feed fruits & vegs too. I feed my dogs fruit & veg treats frequently; they love it and will eat virtually anything. One even does tricks for jalapeno peppers. A couple of times one of my dogs gorged himself on ripe tomatoes & watermelon, with only a big pee and a lot of pooping to show for it afterwards. Won’t hurt them.

    Veggies eaten whole are basically fiber- they pass through mostly undigested. They shouldn’t be looked at as a source of any measurable nutrition….but then again, neither should most things people consider "treats". 🙂

  9. Cindi says:

    Many veggies are great for dogs. In my training classes I emphasize using veggies as chew toys! Large carrots (with ends removed) and frozen are great chewies, as are celery sticks, apples halved with the seeds removed, etc. I freeze them and then they last longer. Baby carrots are great for training. If you run into any issues with gas, just add a dollop of plain yogurt to their food and in short order it will take care of that. lol

  10. Laura says:

    yeah, thats totally fine! dogs can live a healthy happy life on a vegan diet, so raw veggies are just fine! if they like it, then thats even better! i would ask your vet about how your dogs can get a complete nutrition on this diet, just so that you are giving them all of the right things. you can also ask some of the people who work at pet stores, too.

  11. Mary says:

    In my experience, a good dog diet is one half meat, one fourth grain, and one fourth veggies. So go ahead! My dog eats kibble but she likes baby carrots for snacks and has never had a problem yet.

  12. fuzzie says:

    Veggies won’t hurt your dog in anyway they just don’t digest them well. If you are really interested in learning about foods and raw feeding… http://dogfoodchat.com

  13. Bare Nekkid TRUTH! says:

    dogs dont "need" them..

    but it is certainly ok to give some as a treat. My own dog dog is raw fed. He will practically do back flips for green beans. Its a healthier treat than the processed treats you buy in the store!

  14. Glenn says:

    Although they are carnivores, they still eat grasses and other plants. Some of the top kibble brands like Orijen, EVO, etc include these things in the formula. Yeah my dogs love carrots too and they eat grass frequently.

  15. Lyndsay says:

    Veggies are fine, although a meat based diet is ideal even carnivores such as wolves get fruits and veggies in stomach and intestinal content.

    Also, although the raw diet is ideal, keep in mind dogs survived for a very long time as scavengers, eating anything and everything they could.

  16. eugene65ca says:

    I totally agree with giving dogs veggies.

  17. Tasha says:

    A lot of people are going to be saying a lot of different things, since, this is Yahoo Answers and people like you and me are answering questions with there experience/knowledge on a certain topic. From what I’ve read, veggies are very healthy for dogs. It’s perfectly fine to feed your dogs veggies for snacks… I wish my dog liked broccoli and carrots! He’s too picky!