about house breaking?

about house breaking?


when me and my ex split up i took one of our breeder dogs with me.. she was a outside chichuaua and rarely went inside exect for when it was cold and raining.. i had her with me for a year now and she is strictly inside pet and i dont plan to breed her again.. as far as i am concern her work is done and now is in retirement.. but i find house breaking her it be a bit of a promblem… i take her out side and she will still do her business in the house on the rug.. i understand when it is raining out side .. but when it is not she still gose on the rug… i have tried puppy pads … any suggestion
cant get rid of the rug it is in my living room and it is wall to wall carpet

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    2 Responses to “about house breaking?”

    1. lizzfrizz13 says:

      Well the way to treat her is like any new dog trying to be house broken. My suggestion is, let her out alot and go for long walks, so she can get her business done. Get rid of the rug she does her business on, or wash it throughly with vinager to get rid of her smell so she doesn’t go on it anymore. Good-luck to you and your pet.

    2. Westie Mom says:

      Did you know that now they have doggy litter boxes? They also have a kind of spray that attracts dogs to go to that spot. You will have to really clean that rug and use the dog odor shampoo.
      If you can lift the rug you really should wash the pad and the floor also. You might even have to crate her or use puppy pants for a while, (heat pants). She sounds like she is a bit confused, poor dear, but I’m sure with your love and patience she will readjust.