A family member feeds table food to our Yorkie.?


Our Yorkie now has Colitis, is this due to the over consumption of table food? He becomes very sick, drinks a lot of water and his stool is as hard as rocks. Can someone please help. We’ve asked the member of the family to stop, and the dog still suffers from stomach problems. This obviously can not be monitored 24/7, so if anyone can send me hard evidence that they are hurting the dog so i could show it to the feeder please send me a link, preferable about yorkies. Thank you MP

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4 Responses to “A family member feeds table food to our Yorkie.?”

  1. The Pet Nanny says:

    bad bad bad

    my mini rott use to eat people food and now she is FAT and lazy.. she has joint problems – she has had the same type of issues as you say, i stopped and she gotten better

    meat and veggies are good for dogs, its the processed foods that harm them

    yorkies are no different then other dogs when it comes to diseases and problems, its just bad and if in doubt visit a vet

    please, call a vet with medical issues, most of us here are not vets

  2. otter_woman says:

    what do they feed the dog?
    if its vegetables or meats it is not harmful,if it is sugars that is harmful.
    Your commerical dog food is made of corn,wheat and grains and not natural meat and that causes the colitis in most dogs.
    Look into feeding a RAW or natural food diet

  3. Schnauzer Love says:

    Take him to the vet poor little guy.


    P.S. If you keep feeding him people food, you are going to have one porky yorkie!

  4. anon.. says:

    Yes, the table scraps can instigate an attack of colitis. I have 2 dogs that are on very specific diets to prevent this! Dogs cannot process fatty foods like we do and it can really mess with their digestive tract.
    The most common causes of colitis are dietry indiscretion usually involving dairy products, and rich food sauces, fat or liver. A common cause of colitis in nervous animals is stress, this is often seen when such animals are kenneled for their owner’s holidays. Less common causes of colitis are dietary intolerance. Sometimes these dietary intolerances are temporary and sometimes they are permanent. The presentation of undigested food in the colon for whatever reason can result in colitis. In these situations it is important to address the cause of the food being undigested, be it a failure of digestion or a hypermotile bowel. Another uncommon cause of colitis like symptoms in the dog are bacterial overgrowths in the bowel, the most likely is a bacteria called Clostridia. If possible your veterinarian should decide what the most likely cause of colitis is in your dog before treating. The initial treatment for colitis is similar to that for vomiting and diarrhoea ie. starvation, water only then bland diets followed by a slow re-introduction of the normal diet. However if the symptoms return then you should repeat the process but re-consider a different normal diet. Diets which tend to protect against colitis fall into two types.