2Q's physicaly check if dog is spayed & water in kennel?

2Q's physicaly check if dog is spayed & water in kennel?


how do I physical check if a female has been spayed? I saw no scar

My dog sleeps indoor in a kennel. When he goes outside in the morning he gulps water right away! Should I put him to bed with a bowl of water? I don’t want him to pee in his kennel

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6 Responses to “2Q's physicaly check if dog is spayed & water in kennel?”

  1. Debbie C says:

    If the female was spayed before first season then you can tell by the size of her vulva it will be quite small compared with female who was spayed after a season or not spayed at all. Scaring from a spay is not easy to spot depending on where the on the body the operation was performed (sometimes on the side or on the belly) if on the belly a scar can sometimes be found around about the centre next to dogs belly button.

  2. RodiKenley says:

    Leave him out longer if he drinks a lot of water. It’s hard to see scars on dogs. They’re not like our kind. It appears to me that you didn’t get the dog from a shelter as they always spay their dogs. I imagine the answer is no. If she’s acting like that, she probably hasn’t. I don’t know how long you’ve had her or how old she is. If you’ve seen her have some periods, she’s not spayed.

  3. Michelle M says:

    You would see a little scar on her belly where the incision was made…

  4. Sonbear says:

    The least expensive way is to wait and see if she comes into season. They can do an ultrasound and check for a uterus. There is a blood test that they can do. Has to do with making the ovary release an egg and then checking for a LH surge.

    I wouldn’t put water in with the dog– I’d be afraid he’d drink too much and need out in the middle of the night. Mine sleep 9-5 and do well.

  5. M G says:

    don’t put water in his kennel. I don’t know how you can tell if a female has been spayed other then taking her to the vet for a hormone test.

  6. gooddog4 says:

    Sometimes a vet can feel the catgut suture inside from a previous spay, other times they have to open up the dog to see the suture on the tube if the dog has been spayed

    Most dogs do not drink at night when they sleep. Usually a dog will drink in the morning, after play, either before he eats at night or after the last meal of the day.
    If you put water in the food so the dry food doesn’t use up stomach fluids, that will help your dog stay dehydrated.