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Tweet . My 9 yr old yellow lab will NOT come up stairs. It started a few weeks ago with not coming up the stairs into our kitchen. He did go up the 8 stairs we have from the basement to the outside. Now this morning he refused to even go up the 8 stairs […]


I'd Love To Be A Vet, But There's One Thing I Fear The Most!?

Tweet . I volunteered as a Kennel Tech for a day as preparation and good things to put on my "vet school entry" resume. Vets told me to volunteer a lot at offices, shelters, and such. I was watching the vet do some surgery, and I was thinking, "Wow! This is so neat!" When the […]


Walking dog with muzzle?

Tweet . i have recently purchased a muzzle for my small dog because she is an extreme barker. she is very sweet and would never bite or hurt anyone, but she gets so excited when she see’s people that she barks her head off because she wants to go over to them or get attention. […]


Kennel Aire Dog Crates

Tweet . Get The Best Dog Crate For Your Best Friend at Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites Online Selena Gomez on her best friend, Demi Lovato | @ t o p 1 0 h o l l y w o o d Brand New Fleece Pet Bed/ Crate Pad for Cats and Dogs 42″x26″—4226 […]


Mopar Dog Bed

Tweet . Buy @ Technical Details:Grey cloth material with washable cover. * Thick 2″ bed gives your pet comfort while traveling. * Genuine Mopar Accessory Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites Online Giving Your Pet the Ultimate Comfort » Portal Graphic Solutions Well-liked Types Of Tote Bags CONCRETE CLOTH: Flexible Material Makes Durable Disaster Shelters […]

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