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I wonder sometimes if my cat is bored … how can I tell?

Tweet . I have two cats about the same age (12yrs) – one is playful and kitten like and the other sleeps all day and most of the night.. Lately I’ve been thinking of getting the playful cat a buddy … he doesnt seem pleased with anything we do – the water is never clean […]


How do you repel cats, but not dogs, from a garden?

Tweet . The garden fences on our estate act as a cat motorway. One cat regularily sits on our fence and taunts my dog. The cat has even come into my kitchen which is very dangerous as we have a cat-unfrindly greyhound and I would hate for the cat to get hurt. Also I want […]


Caucasian ovcharka, Caucasian Mountain dog puppy part 1

Tweet . “Voronezhskie Bogatyri” Caucasian ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain dog, Pastor del Caucaso, Sheep-dog, Shepherd) kennel slide-show part 1 Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites Online Las mejores fotos de ovcharka (mastín del Cáucaso) » » Caucasian Mountain Dog Blog » Blog Archive » Is a Caucasian Mountain Dog a good choice for me? Breed of […]


why does My Guinea pig like to sit in his water bowl?

Tweet . I Put my 2 guinea pigs and 1 rabbit in there play pen and i put a water bowl in there pen, the guinea pig sat in the water bowl, and made it all dirty, so i put in a litter box with shallow water in it and they both jumped in. it […]


Kennel Cough

Tweet . A brief description of the causes, symptoms, and treatment for kennel cough, the canine verson of an upper respiratory infection. Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites Online “Black Friday” ~ Lil Kim (Nicki Minaj Diss) [FULL VERSON] | ATLboy Upper respiratory tract infection?Viral upper respiratory tract infection cats | Knowledge of disease Dog Homeowners […]

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