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Piggiepigpigs competition / prize giveaway / contest!!!

Tweet . Hi guys! Hope you enjoy taking part in this contest! Here are the details…. First Prize! A pink poka-dot fleece/sleeping bag, a choice of another fleece, a ramp, a subscription and a shout out. Second Prize – A choice of fleece or a ramp, a subscription and a shout out. Third Prize – […]


Why does my aunts dog only drink out of my dogs bowl somtimes?

Tweet . My aunt and her dog Annabelle have been staying with us for a few months because we are buidling a house and she is buying the house we are moving into and stuff. Not explaing. lol. Well her dog Annabelle somtimes only eats my dog Sahlens food and drinks out of his water […]


Max Kennel- Zu viele Fragen

Tweet . Soooo 1. Video aus Berlin, bei all der Sehnsucht nach euch natürlich sehr sentimental angehaucht :p Es gilt was immer gilt: “Ihr werdet meine Videos auf Facebook stelln, die Welt durch meine Musik erhelln, ihr werdet mir Groupie-Fanpost schicken, und nach dem nächsten Gig werd ich… mich dafür bedanken” Suscribe! Other Dog Kennel […]


Top 3 Dog Bed Review BestSeller

Tweet . CLICK HERE For more review 3 DOG BED Best Seller #1 Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric #2 Petmate 25-Inch Burrow Bed, Navy Blue #3 Wag Bag Plaid Dog Bed Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites Online Sofa Dog Bed – Dog Bed Review 5 Best Seller Amazon – Buy […]


Every time you put your hand under the cusion on the couch my dog will snap at do i make her stop bite?

Tweet . okay my dog has never really bit any one before. but now she will snap at you when you put or hand on the couch next to her or when you stick your hand in the cusion even on the other side of the couch…help me…she is suppose ti be a good dog […]

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