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How do I make my toliet bowl water green…instead of the usual blue (see below)?

Tweet We just redid our bathroom into a frog theme. I know there are Tidy Bowl things you can put in the toliet to make the water blue…are there any that make the water green? We thought that would be a cute touch! Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites Online Great Blue Water in Your Underwater […]


Can you read my story please?

Tweet Tell me what you think of this story This is Charlie Drum. Say hello now. Be polite, like all children should be. But you won’t find many children being nice to little Charlie here. You see Charlie lives in the poor part of town, and do good parents do not want their children being […]


Bamboo Silicone Pop Up Travel Bowl 1 Cup Colors Vary

Tweet Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites Online


How do I keep my dog from getting on the couch when I'm not home?

Tweet My dog is not allowed on the furniture, and he would never get on there when I could see him. However, when he is home alone he lays on the couch. I can deal with the fur and the doggy smell, but he licks himself and leaves big wet spots on the couch and […]


Question for BARF feeders? how often do you need to bathe your dog and brush his teeth.?

Tweet once a year…never? yes I agree most not all but most commercial dog food is crapinabag. Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites Online Innova Dog Food | Dog Food Secrets – Exposed – Don\’t Let Your Dog Die Young! How to Select Commercial Pet Food – a Quick and Easy Guide | Dog Food Coupons […]

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