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How much does your dog eat?

Tweet I have a large dog- 190 pounds. We just went to the vet and he said that my dog is not over weight he is just BIG. He recommened that I just keep food in my dogs bowl at all times, i’m not sure I agree. I’m thinking 3 or 4 cups of food […]


my dog peed on my heating blanket can i…?

Tweet thats for sure they are sleeping in their pet taxi not the bed now can i wash it since it has the plug in thing….or if not how can i wash it with out getting the plug in wet….its new i jus got it for christmas 🙁 Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites Online Petmate […]


Small dog is afraid to go up and down stairs…?

Tweet My small dog (about 8 pounds) used to go up and down hardwood stairs fine, until he had a couple accidents where he slipped and fell. Is there any way that I can teach him to go up and down stairs again, without forcing him to do something he doesn’t want to do? Thanks! […]


I need help with my 15 week old chihuahua/dachshund puppy.?

Tweet I’ve had her for 10 days now and have been following all the steps to crate train her, yet she still whines and cries in her crate for hours. She won’t sleep in her crate. She won’t eat unless I’m standing right next to her. I have her on a feeding schedule, leaving the […]


How do I get my dog potty trained again?

Tweet We went on vacation last week and left him at the boarding kennel so he wouldn’t be lonely. Now every morning we wake up to poop on the floor but he only does it at night. He use to wake us up by whining but now he doesn’t. We let him out before we […]

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