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Pet Zoom Pet Park Indoor Potty Trainer Commercial – As Seen on TV Chat Video

Tweet PetZoomPetPark – Prevent pet accidents in your home with the new Pet Zoom Pet Park! The Pet Park Indoor Trainer is a grass like dog pad that rinses in seconds and is reusable. The Pet Park is ideal for special need dogs, potty training and more, helping your dog do its business while you […]


Afghan Hound indomitable sweet sensitive intelligent dignified companion dog

Tweet The spectacular beauty of Afghan Hound dogs caused them to become highly desirable showdogs and pets, and they are recognised by all of the major kennel clubs in the English-speaking world. One of the Amps Ghazni, Sirdar, won BIS at Crufts in 1928 and 1930. An Afghan hound was featured on the cover […]


The American Kennel Club Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds ’07

Tweet The top ten most popular dogs as listed by the American Kennel Club for 2007. The full list may be found at: Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites Online what is the different between AKC Rotweiler and CKC Rotweiler? | Pet Source USA Blog Ask the AKC Animal Behaviorist: Help! My Dog Won’t Stop […]


Want a recipe for your dog?

Tweet What you need: makes 1 pie 1===> Pie pan 2===> Pet Botanics Rolled Meat 3===> Dog Biscuits [Milkbone etc] 4===>Pupcorn [not POP but PUP sold at petsmart [can do without]] 5===>Wet dog food 6===>Freezer Directions: 1] break 3/4 cup dog biscuits into quarter size. 2]Put into a bowl and add wet dog food and […]

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