1 Fat Dog

1 Fat Dog


Just a lunchbox of a dog, laying in my bed barking looking all cute.

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    25 Responses to “1 Fat Dog”

    1. richard9385 says:

      Lol shes not fat shes chunky shes so cute though what kind of dog is she? chiuhaiuha? :O

    2. izKake says:

      Its your fault. In stead of videotaping it lying down take it out for a WALK! MY GOD. Do something for your dog.

    3. m4st4lockm4n says:

      shes so fat i bet you don’t even have a vet because if you have a vet then that vet shouldn’t have taken your dog away for animal cruelty because you are an unfit owner. FYI shes just sitting there because it’s hard for her to move

    4. rauldavid96 says:

      YOu’re cruel, that shows that you don’t love your dog!!

    5. livy48 says:

      Get off the couch and walk your dog. Just because you’re fat doesn’t mean he has to be.

    6. Jurassicparkz08 says:

      That’s what I did to my children, now they’ve even been on Dr. Phil!!

    7. elcamino98 says:

      he keeps barking lol

    8. nadinehere01 says:

      cute dog

    9. buschlght says:

      I agree, this person should be fined at the minimum for this. She is killing this dog by over feeding it. Also, Dogs will only eat until they are full when the food is given on a consistent schedule. I feed my dog once a day. He is 130lbs. He gets 4.5 cups in the evening. If he devours that I offer him more based on his eating. He is a trim large breed dog. In fact, he is a little light for his breed. But I will not overfeed him.

    10. HammandClov says:

      LOL. But seriously, it is wrong to do that. Dogs are pretty much bottomless feeding machines. Eat as much as you give them. And it is so wrong to make animals who sole purpose in life is to be your companion fat. Hell, the dog is supposed to change your life, make you more active, etc. but a person should be fined for this, shortening the life of a dog.

    11. ferretb0i says:


    12. sylvianblue says:

      Some people…..just need to be shot. You are killing your dog and she is “pissed off”, as you say, because your dog knows it. Get off your fat ass and walk the poor damn dog further than it’s feeding bowl. No doubt you feed it whatever muck you eat…which is probably burger, fries and shakes. Do the dog a favour and give it to a dog home. Then go and gorge yourself on fat food until you can’t get off your pink duvet…..rant over.

    13. gsedy says:

      LOl nice laugh

    14. buschlght says:

      Because she is fat! She thinks its cute that her dog is fat like her. In reality, she has made her dog fat so she can pass the scrutiny on to her dog. Don’t look at me, look at my fat dog.

    15. buschlght says:

      The girl talking in the video is fat. How do I know? listen to her. She is fat without a doubt.

    16. MICKMYMICK1 says:

      How can you do this to your pet! you a fucking sluty ass bitch who has no feelings what so ever! YOU DONT DESERVE THAT DOG! Now if I were you I would put it on a diet AND EXSERSISE. Or I would give it to someone that would care for it and put it on a diet. I would go with number 1 if I really cared about the poor dog.Or number two if I was a fat lazy fag! LIKE YOU SICKO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. chewyladyangel says:

      your dog is fat but my dog fat

    18. mufazie says:

      What a fucking horrible creature, my neighbor has one, it wont stop yapping. I will run it over or report it to the City pest control as a rat in the vicinity. That will shut the fucker up!

    19. hyperxbitch07 says:

      awwee poor dog….but its sooooo cute!!

    20. AmishRiot says:

      Dog- “Bitch I ain’t fat, now go get me some potato chips and ding dongs before I piss all over your damn bed!”

    21. hotemobabe13 says:

      AND I WONDER WHY SHE IS FAT??????? :@

    22. creativejani says:

      You’re responsible for your pets, so put the dog on a diet, give it some exercise and stop laughing at the poor thing – have you no feelings?

    23. girlinpink321 says:

      no u be nice

    24. YunaXthiefje says:

      making fun of the dog how poor my dog is fater and CUTER

    25. josefiSnch says:

      Lol haha fat dogs are cute but not obese dogs!