¥ CharlieIsSoCoolLike Purple Soup Surprise ♪


DOWNLOAD SONG at: www.jackiemessenger.com Charlie Is So Cool Like makes us want to SING, AND eat PURPLE SOUP, LOL =D {by the way} I just created a NEW WEBSITE, so PLEASE do stop by & VISIT at: www.jackiemessenger.com FOR ANY OF YOU WHO MAY BE UNFAMILIAR WITH CHARLIEISSOCOOLLIKE, here are a couple links to some of his all time videos DUET WITH MYSELF www.youtube.com UNDERSTANDING TEENAGE BOYS www.youtube.com THE PURPLE MAN www.youtube.com Recipe for CHARLES IS SO COOLIKE PURPLE SOUP Created by Jackie Messenger ©2010 All Rights Reserved 3 cans of beef broth 2 large Okinawan Potatoes (Secret Purple ingredient) 2 large onions 1 bunch of garlic ground pepper 1/8 teaspoon Salt If possible, cook with a pressure cooker for 5 minutes Or if you plan to cook in a traditional pot, heat to a boil, then turn down the heat to a low simmer, and cook for 30 minutes. … by the way, THE PRESSURE COOKER I used can be purchased at QVC. The link is below: www.qvc.com Just search for pressure cookers. I’m sure they are all good. The one I bought is called Technique by Cooks Essentials. It is the Electric 6.25 QT Pressure Cooker w/ removable pot. Model 99765 2010 price .96 plus shipping. (…but so worth it, to make fast healthy soup, chili, stews, and so much more!) …by the way, I am not connected to QVC in any way, but I do recommend this pressure cooker for anyone who’s looking to buy a good one. CORNBREAD RECIPE which is on the box of ALBERS YELLOW CORN MEAL PREHEAT oven to 350˚F. 1 ½

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16 Responses to “¥ CharlieIsSoCoolLike Purple Soup Surprise ♪”

  1. JackieMessenger says:

    @MiniDinosaurLove >>>(big blushy grins) thanks for such a cutie pie response. …I could feel your energy big time. thanks, it made me smile, jAckie =)

  2. MiniDinosaurLove says:

    Omg, cutee! How old is your son? 😉 haha, I’m so going to try this! Looks yummy. 🙂 hmmm, the butter in the backpack thing is a good idea. I always have to borrow some from my friends. 😀

  3. lorkzilla says:

    That’s nice

  4. lorkzilla says:


  5. JackieMessenger says:

    @neelimamishra thank you so very much =) …actually, I’m not even sure if Charlie has watched this yet, but I hope he has =D

  6. neelimamishra says:

    you’re so coollike!!! haha….i’m sure charlie would love this video!!! it’s awesome =)

  7. JackieMessenger says:

    tia, you don’t know how much your sweet comments mean to me. …i don’t get very many comments on my videos. so when one pops up, it really means so much =)
    …may your kindness come back to you somehow in rays of sunshine from heaven. *hugs,* jAckie

  8. TiaSiren says:

    While I can’t seem to find any Okinawan Potatoes anywhere near here, I have found Peruvian Purple Potatoes, which look fantastic. So while it will taste completely different, I’ll be making a purple soup as well. 🙂 Maybe it will get my purple-loving siblings around the dinner table. I prefer green myself, so I’ll add a salad, too. 😀

    What a colorful meal! And what a colorful cast of characters at meal time. 😉

    Wondrous song! Now I’m looking forward to visiting Charlieissocoollike’s channel.

  9. DefinitelyNotNoah says:

    @JackieMessenger Well, I look forward to meeting my favorite YouTubers in the next couple of weeks! And yes! You CAN have my autograph, even thought I’m not the best YouTube’r here on this glorious internets.

  10. JackieMessenger says:

    @DefinitelyNotNoah Woah, it’s definitelyNotNoah! …uh, can i have your autograph?

    …hey, thanks for the nice comments! …we look forward to meeting you real soon!

  11. DefinitelyNotNoah says:

    This video about purple soup reminded me about another purple food I ate when I visited Honolulu. It was….


    I ate that once, delicious. I devoured alot. Like, A LOT. So now, I love purple food, even though I only ate one type of purple food, but I HAVE to try this purple soup. Looks DEE-LISH-EE-OUS.

  12. JackieMessenger says:

    Hey VentBoy, I used to have an old Howdy Doody Ventriloquist doll and a smaller Willy. (I even went to a ventriloquist club for awhile). I was the only girl ;p. …I like Lego too. The best set I ever made was my own Back to the Future set of the clock tower, and the futuristic train from Back to the Future 3. …You’d probably really love my teenage son’s Youtube channel. He’s homestarrunnertron. He’s real hilarious. …anyways, thanks for the posted comment 🙂

  13. mrpocochan1 says:

    I’m also love your veido too~ And your kid a so cute >v<! plz keep cooking and upload veido x)

  14. JackieMessenger says:

    @xticklesmilex (blushes) gee thanks 🙂 The oldest is almost graduating, and the others are still in elementary. Thanks for stopping by, & posting a comment, it really means a lot! …If you & your sister’s ever stop by Hawaii, do try to get a hold of us, & we’ll have a fun time jammin and eating purple soup! …oh by the way, if you haven’t checked out my oldest son’s channel, homestarrunnertron, be sure to check him out, he’s hilarious! I think you and your sister’s would enjoy his humor 🙂

  15. xticklesmilex says:

    Awww your kids are so adorable! How old are they? Awesome purple soup and song!

  16. VentBoy311 says:

    Im gona try to make that later!!!